CITON performs design and engineering work and assures technical assistance and engineering support for construction – installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities. CITON as a full-service engineering company can assist the customers in all phases of project implementation including development support and EPC interconnection.

Design and Engineering Services

• Studies and Supporting Documentation enabling the client's decision-making
• Pre-feasibility and Feasibility studies
• Technical-Economical evaluation studies
• Optimization of production profile
• Site selection studies
• conceptual studies for safety enhancement and modernization
• Environmental impact studies
• Risk evaluation reports
• Waste management programs 
• Tender requirements and tender evaluation reports

Basic Design Documentation

• Technical conceptual design as base for technical-economical evaluation of the investment and for regulatory bodies approvals/permits
• Detail design documentation
• Documents and drawings required for construction and systems installation
• Basic requirements and design analyses documents (thermal and hydraulic analysis, stress reports, assessment of radiological consequences of abnormal conditions and accidents)
• Manufacturing drawings/documents for selected equipment and components
• Procurement engineering documentation
• As-built design documentation

License and Safety Documentation

• Licensing documentation:
- Initial Safety Analysis reports (for site approval)
- Preliminary Safety Analysis reports (for construction permit)
- Final Safety Analysis Reports (for commissioning permit)
• Safety support documentation 
- Accident analyses; 
- Safety design matrices; 
- Systems acceptance safety documentation; 
• Probability analyses for safety and systems interface; 
• Establishment of technical limiting conditions for safe operation; 
• Severe accident analyses, emergency program and associated procedures.

Technical Assistance

A group of different professional disciplines staff ensure on-site permanent technical assistance as contractually required for field engineering and quality survey.
Technical assistance is also provided in all phases of implementing line of the design done by CITON.

Consulting Services

Based on the experience with Cernavoda NPP and other nuclear projects in Romania, CITON can assure the consulting and expertise services in practically all design and engineering areas of project development and implementation phases. 

Research and Development Services

- Nuclear safety – developing accident management strategies and radiation protection
- Nuclear power technology - supporting technological upgrading and advances
- Back-end of the fuel cycle - safe and efficient management of spent nuclear fuel and highly radioactive waste
- Nuclear policy – supporting the establishment of the national nuclear policy

- CITON together with Sigma Star Service SRL, UPB – Faculty of Power Engineering, IMS of Romanian Academy, Dragoş Construct Group SRL, Quatro Prodcom SRL and Sigma Patent Studio SRL is involved in developing projects in the field of renewable energy, environment protection, constructions, transportation, agriculture, etc.

Projects completed or in progress: